Section Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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Ali Abou-Zeid
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Section Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Ali Abou-Zeid » 10 Jan 2005, 10:14

This section is not a replacement to's regular Screenshots section. It is for pilots to post other screenshots or ones that have not been added. If you wish for yours to be included in the Screenshots section, you still may do so by email or via the Message Boards.

Previews of repaints should be posted in Flight Simulator/Add-on Discussion unless they are intended as artwork.

Here you can post your screenshots from Flight Simulator.

Each member is to post screenshots in a new topic, the topic title should be in the following format:

Airline, Aircraft, brief description.

For better viewing for most of our users, there is a screenshot size restriction of 1024x768 pixels.

Any violation to these points, will result in your post being deleted.

How to take screenshots

To take a screenshot simply press the Print Screen(PrtScn) key on your keyboard. Doing that your screenshot is saved to your computer's memory. You would then need to paste it in a photo editing program, for example, Paint. Open the program and hit paste (Edit :arrow: Paste).

Another way to automatically store screenshots is using Screenshot Manager here. Insturctions to using Screenshot Manager can be found at's screenshots section

If your screen resolution is higher than 1024x768, you would need to resize your screenshot to meet our rules.

Where to put your screenshots

Due to the huge bandwidth requirements by screenshots, we can not offer uploading of screenshots to our server.

However, a good place to put your screenshots at is

It's free and offers you about 30MB and about 1GB of bandwidth per month, pretty much more than any one would need I believe.

How to post your screenshots

Please use the following code to have your pictures displayed in the topic:

Code: Select all


Please do not use an image reference, as it uses up additional bandwidth when people view the posts; dial-up users will especially appreciate your courtesy.

You can not post pictures on websites that prohibit direct linking to them from other sources. Any pictures located on any of these sites will result in your post being deleted.

Tips for better quality screenshots
  • Set the flight simulator to "full screen" mode
  • Pause the simulator before taking your screenshot(s)
  • Take the screenshot when on-screen messages (pause and/or parking brakes) aren't flashing, and don't let objects from outside the simulator picture into your screenshot (including the Flight Simulator title bar)
  • Include the entire aircraft in the screenshot, and let the aircraft take up most of the screen
  • Use your best-looking aircraft
  • Increase all of the display settings to maximum (a screenshot is a single frame at a time, not frame rates issues will affect the quality of your screenshot)
  • Enable anti-aliasing and antistropic filtering
  • Take multiple screenshots during each flight, from several different angles
  • Avoid cutting off a small part of the aircraft.
  • Include at least part of the engines and wings on the opposite side of the aircraft from where the screenshot is taken
  • Do not hide any of the airline titles and the logo on the tail
  • Landing gears should be all up or all down, not in transit
  • Avoid cutting off part of an airline's logo or titles
  • If possible, please crop your screenshot to remove the border surrounding it

If you have good tips and programs for taking screenshots, please send me a Private Message.
What centreline???

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Aaron Robinson
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Re: Section Rules - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Aaron Robinson » 12 Mar 2009, 04:42

Update as of a few months ago--the use of thumbnails as an alternative to posting full-size screenshots or purely links is encouraged.
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