Clarification for new member

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Clarification for new member

Post by tbendt » 06 Jan 2009, 16:54


Is it correct to say that I can use the timetable to select my flights rather than using Flights Page at each virtual airline? The question arises when I look at the Excel timetable versus the SkyTeam timetable . Example, on the Excel timetable there is a Continental flight CO661 CLE to MDW which appears to be a direct flight. When I search the SkyTeam timetable there is no direct flight only connections through DTW and only with NorthWest Airlines. I guess what I am asking is if I fly the Excel timetable flights will I be credited for the flights?

I also wanted to say I really love the Excel timetable because of the filtering capabilities. It is so much more convenient to use.



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Re: Clarification for new member

Post by Dennis » 06 Jan 2009, 17:08

Hi Todd.

Let me clarify some things.

1. The Skyteam timetable (as well as Star Alliance, OneWorld, Alaska, Frontier, and Emirates timetables) all give CURRENT operations. I'll break them down for you.
SkyTeam: Continental, Delta, Northwest, Korean Air, KLM, Alitalia and Copa
Star Alliance: Air Canada, Thai, ANA, South African
OneWorld: British Airways, Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific and Dragonair)
Frontier: Frontier
Emirates: Emirates
Alaska: Alaska

This means that these timetables give flights that are currently flown by the airlines.

2. The timetable (the one in Excel format) gives flights of airlines that are no longer in operation (Pan Am, Sabena, Swissair, AOM, Midway, Concorde), airlines that have no timetable (Virgin, Air Tahiti Nui, Icelandair, Hawaiian) or flights that have been discontinued by the real airline (any other airline you see in the timetable).
For example, Delta used to operate SJU-MCO, but no longer operates the route. We, however, have managed to include the operations as a discontinued flight (meaning that though the airline doesn't fly the route anymore, WE can).

At any rate you can choose any of the timetables mentioned above. If you want to fly CLE-MDW (which is the example you're giving), you have two choices:

a) You can choose the discontinued flight that appears on the timetable and fly direct with the airline
b) you can connect at another airport

As long as the flight is valid (it appears on the timetables) you will be credited the flight hours for it.

To answer your last question: YES, flights flown using the Excel timetable are credited.

Hope this clarifies the difference between the two timetables.
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Re: Clarification for new member

Post by Aaron Robinson » 06 Jan 2009, 17:15


First, welcome to Second, I'm glad to hear that you understand how to and make good use of the filtering/sorting capabilities--that's the advantage and raison d'etre for the new format.

Flights are either in one timetable or the other. The SkyTeam Timetable will list Continental's current schedules, while the Timetable will list Continental's flights that are no longer flown in real life that we still offer. Of course, all valid flights will be credited. When using one of the airline- or alliance-provided timetables, please do be sure to follow the instructions on the Flights page, as do appear in those timetables.
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Re: Clarification for new member

Post by tbendt » 07 Jan 2009, 16:30

Dennis and Aaron,

Now I understand the difference between to two timetables.

Thank you both for your thoughtful replies,


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