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flight simulator

Post by jorge » 18 Sep 2009, 06:29

To Everyone and anyone who might know the follwing.......I am not a pilot ...but I like planes... grew up a block away from Midway Airport..Chicago ,ILL ..Plus my sister was a Flight Attendant for Midway and United....love watching planes take off and land.....so I have bought thru the years the Microsoft flight simulator-2000, 2002, 2004, and my latest edition is the flight simulator X. I have to say I love it ......but i would like to redesign the planes to look like southwest,United, 0r Midway airlines (old red and white Midway) or the newer midway thats all white with the yellow tail. I have seen on you-tube how some people use the MFS-X (microsoft flight simulator X). But they have the southwest 737's Color scheme....or the United color scheme, Does Anybody have an Idea how I could Change the Plane schemes to my flight simulatorX...I would like to make my Planes all one or two airline..........thank you
my Email is : tristan.5150@hotmail.com

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Re: flight simulator

Post by maverick10 » 18 Sep 2009, 08:58

You can get all kinds of repaints at http://www.avsim.com/ or http://www.flightsim.com/ . Just type in the repaint you want in the search tab. don't forget to put your flightsim, in your case FSX with it and the aircraft you want to repaint.
And if you did that, you can read the tutorial on how to repaint a airplane here:
http://www.simairline.net/downloads/tut ... t_fsx.html

Hope this helps!
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Re: flight simulator

Post by RatherBFlyin » 18 Sep 2009, 14:38

That SimAirline link is actually instructions on how to install an FS9 aircraft so that it works with FSX. There are already a large number of good quality, and free, aircraft repaints available, for just about any airline you can think of, so it is very rare that you would need to consider creating a set of aircraft textures yourself.

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