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Post by crash101 » 17 May 2009, 19:59

A little ago I asked Aaron if Instructions for loading FSInn+FSCopilot for FS9 & FSX would be of any use to you Pilots, he suggested that I put it here for anyone to follow if they are interested in setting it up for Vatsim. Well I finally got around to it, so here it is.

I use FSInn with FSCopilot, however, if you download the ones from the "mcdu" site they will not work and you'll get the errors that have been indicated by many user's. After many hours of trial and error I found the correct files to use as well as some instructions. So if you want to try this out then follow the instructions below(it worked fine for me and, to date, no crashes etc.)

1) Where you have already tried to install FSInn and FSCopilot go to Start -> "Run"- type regedit then enter and under "edit" -> "find" Type FSInn then "Find Next"....keep doing this until FSInn is completely removed from the registry. Then do the same for FSCopliot.

2) Once the registry is clean "Reboot" your computer and not just a "Restart" a complete cold boot.

3) Download these files:

These next few instructions are critical as I found out by using the "trial and error" method and had to re-install a number of times to get the sequence right. It's funny how the last thing you try works. This still may not work for you, however, do try this method and, if using Vista, don't forget to set the "exe" files to "Admin Rights" (but after the following steps have been completed).

Now we get into the meat of this project.

1) A *MUST* - Install FSCoplilot first. Once installed, and it will install to both FS9 and FSX, if you have them both on the same computer. Then do nothing, don't even run it or check that it is there. Perform a "cold" boot (computer "shut down" then turned back on...not a "Restart")

2) A *MUST* - Install FSInn next, same rule applies here as it did above for the FSCopilot. ("shut down", power back on for a "Cold Boot")

So now you are at your desktop and you have both pieces of software loaded, next is the hardest thing I ever did, I went to the "mcdu" web site and watched the "Tutorials" on how to program FSInn.


Near the bottom of the page and to the right you will find these "Tutorials", study them and watch them a number of times until you feel confident enough to program FSInn. You don't need any Voice software at all as "RW" is inbedded within the software, just make sure when setting the voice parameters that you indicate "RW". As to "Peer to Peer" I have not tried this yet(for TS that we use).

When all done and you are up and running, don't forget to use the "Set" key and check "Network" -> Vatsim for the correct callsign that you will use. All done. Happy flying on Vatsim using FSX and FSInn.

Rick Dwyer

FYI - the web page forum with these files:


The files are located bottom of the first post....RD
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