Where do i register?

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Where do i register?

Post by overdahill » 15 Mar 2009, 10:12

Hey all,
I am new to Simairline.net and i got a e-mail with my pilot ID number and stuff but it tells me to register. This is all good but where on SIMAIRLINE.NET do i register? If anyone can provide me with a link or any help please tell me. The sooner i figure this out the sooner i can get flying :D

thanks Overdahill

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Re: Where do i register?

Post by George » 15 Mar 2009, 11:40

You can register here


And welcome to simairline.net :D

Ali Abou-Zeid
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Re: Where do i register?

Post by Ali Abou-Zeid » 15 Mar 2009, 12:55

If you already got an email with your Pilot ID number. Then you have already flown one flight, and submitted a PIREP.

So, once you have your pilot ID number, enjoy the sky, take many screenshots to remember and file your PIREPs.

Please don't forget to read the FAQ we have on the site. It's there to help you :)

Many happy landings :)
What centreline???

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Re: Where do i register?

Post by DMM200 » 15 Mar 2009, 16:14

Welcome aboard!
Thanks Fraser Jeffery for the beautiful avatar!
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