Wilco to POSKY CRJ Merge

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Wilco to POSKY CRJ Merge

Post by qdeltacrj200 » 26 Dec 2009, 05:22

Im trying to merge the wilco crj panel to posky models and be able to have all the functions. Anyone have any instructions or links on how i can successfully do this?

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Re: Wilco to POSKY CRJ Merge

Post by Northwestdc9 » 26 Dec 2009, 20:40

I'd be interested if someone comes up with a successful Wilco/POSKY CRJ-700 merge, I just haven't had time to put one together.

I'm fairly sure it works as I've used the CRJ-900 with the Wilco panel.
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Re: Wilco to POSKY CRJ Merge

Post by Carlo » 28 Dec 2009, 02:21

I'd be very interested in this merge too, as I recently purchased the Wilco CRJ addon, but I'm not too impressed with their models

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