Pilot Manual

SimAirline.net's Mission as "Virtual Airlines of Choice"
-To offer pilots passenger service to worldwide destinations with a wide variety of aircraft and flights to choose from
-To follow the operations of the real airlines as closely as possible
-To be a respected leader in the flight simulator community
-To encourage a sense of community among our members
-To train responsible and safe virtual airline pilots accountable to high standards
-To create an enjoyable flight simulator experience by removing restraints and encouraging choice

SimAirline.net Background
SimAirline.net is a virtual airline organization of twenty-seven virtual airlines: Air Canada Virtual, Air Tahiti Nui Virtual, Alaska Virtual, Alitalia Virtual, ANA Virtual, AOM Virtual, Virtual British Airways, Concorde Virtual, Continental Virtual, Copa Virtual, Delta Virtual, Emirates Virtual, Frontier Virtual, Hawaiian Virtual, Hong Kong Virtual, Virtual Icelandair, KLM Virtual, Korean Air Virtual, Midway Virtual, Northwest Virtual, Pan American Virtual, Sabena Virtual, South African Virtual, Swissair Virtual, Thai Virtual, Varig Virtual, and Virgin Virtual.

At SimAirline.net, you can fly any flight and aircraft of our virtual airlines. We do not assign you to specific hubs or flights to fly because we feel that you can create a better experience by making your own decisions. If an aspect of our flight operations is not covered in this Pilot Manual, then you may assume that the decision is yours to make. However, we strongly encourage asking if you are unsure of anything.

"Giving someone the freedom to take responsibility releases resources that would otherwise remain concealed."
–Jan Carlzon, former SAS President

We strongly recommend using Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004. All downloads currently offered are tested for compatibility in FS2004, although we are currently undergoing compatibility testing for FSX. We do not have any age or financial requirements, although we do encourage contributions. We do require that you be able to safely fly for us. If you are moving here from another virtual airline, then all of your hours will be credited. If you choose to continue flying for another virtual airline, then 75% of your hours will be credited. It is important to remember that you are not a member of a specific virtual airline, but of SimAirline.net.

If you have not flown for a virtual airline before, please read Flying for a Virtual Airline before continuing.

Getting Started
You will be emailed a welcome letter after applying. You may then select your first flight using the instructions on the Flights page of any of our virtual airlines. Aircraft and panels can be found through each virtual airline's Fleet page. After completing each flight, you fill out a PIREP (Pilot Report). You will be emailed your pilot ID number and added to the roster after filing your first PIREP. Pilot rosters are not updated on a daily basis, so please allow a few days to process your PIREPs.

Flights must be flown at the same time and date in the simulator as scheduled, and with the same aircraft type as originally scheduled. You must follow the instructions on the Flights page when selecting a flight. All flights must begin and end at the gate, or ramp where appropriate. Pilots may accelerate the simulation rate when at cruising speed and altitude and with the autopilot on, but to no more than 4x. We encourage using real weather conditions, ATC programs, navigation programs, and FS Real Time, but these are not required. If you are unsure of how to fly using online ATC, we recommend reading How to Fly IFR With VATSIM. We strongly recommend using FS Real Time (found on our Downloads page) to ensure correct flight times when flying.

Filing PIREPs
PIREPs must be filed through the virtual airline that operates the flight. When filing a PIREP, file the simulator's arrival and departure times in local time and 24-hour time, with each flight segment (one takeoff and landing) in a separate PIREP. If your flight is unusually early or late, or if you flew the flight several times, note that in the comments. If you make a mistake when filing a PIREP, immediately file a corrected one and note in the comments that it is a correction. If we feel there is an error in a PIREP, we will contact you and ask you to correct it. We strongly recommend that you record your flight information in a personal flight log for future reference. We also encourage you to check the roster regularly to ensure that their hours have been properly credited. Pilot rosters are usually updated one to two times a week. Always check when the roster was last updated before contacting us with questions.

Maintaining Membership
You must fly at least one flight per month to remain active or you will be removed from the roster. If you are unable to fly for an entire month or more, then you should fill out an Inactivity form through the Control Panel. You may file for inactivity for a maximum of twelve months. If you are removed from the roster and wish to return, then you need only file a PIREP. Please let us know if your email address or location changes through the Control Panel. If you ever wish to resign, you just need to not file a PIREP, and you'll be removed from the roster the following month.

Anytime you contact us, you should include your name and pilot ID number. Providing false information in applications, PIREPs, or other communications is not allowed. Offensive, obscene, and misrepresentative content are prohibited in our Message Boards and communications to or on behalf of SimAirline.net. Advertising for other virtual airlines, negative stereotyping, and illegal software links are also not allowed. Violation of these rules is sufficient provocation to be removed from the roster.

Recommended Links
AirNav: U.S. airport instrument charts.
Airport Codes: Your source for airport codes.
Airport Diagrams: Official diagrams useful when taxiing around an unfamiliar airport.
Airport Information: Detailed information on airport facilities, runways, communication, and operations.
Airservices Australia: Australian airport charts.
GlobalSIM, IVAO, SimFly.EU, VATSIM, and WestCoastATC: Online ATC networks with charts and other resources.
FlightSim.com and Avsim: The largest websites for add-ons.
FlightAware: real-time flight tracking
Flight Simulator Checklists: checklists for multiple airliners.
FsRoute: flight planning
FS2004 Freeware Scenery List: A comprehensive listing of add-on scenery.
NATS: U.K. airport charts.
RouteFinder: flight planning
SIA (France): French airport charts.
SimRoutes: flight planning
SKYbrary: aviation safety information.
SkyVector.com: VFR and IFR charts for the U.S.
CAA (South Africa): South African airport charts.
World Time Server: Worldwide time zone information.
VATSIM Navigation Charts and Flight Planning Tools

If you have any questions about the contents of the Pilot Manual or any of our websites or operations, feel free to contact our management team or ask in the Getting Started section of our Message Boards. We also recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you enjoy your time here at SimAirline.net.

After reading the Pilot Manual, you may fill out an application here.

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