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Which Sim(Airline) are you most excited to fly the A380??

Thai Airways
Korean Air
Virgin Atlantic
British Airways
China Southern
Lufthansa (Codeshare)
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Aaron Robinson
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Re: A380 at Simairline

Post by Aaron Robinson » 01 Mar 2008, 22:31

stuttgart1482 wrote:
Keep in mind that United's ATI with Lufthansa continues to grow. Look at KLM-Northwest for an example of the power of ATI (granted, under a joint venture as well): five daily flights between Amsterdam and Detroit, markets which are both smaller than Germany and Washington.
Good Point Aaron, I absolutely agree the market is much bigger than AMS-DTW, but I think we'll likely see more flights than a larger aircraft. I could imagine a seventh or even eighth Germany - IAD flight maybe on LH A340 or A330.
No arguments on most of the points you raise, except this one: FRA would be the only conceivable A380 destination from IAD, but an increase in frequency would only make sense if there were connecting banks at either end to feed the international flight. Given United's historical preference to underserve IAD and FRA being effectively at runway capacity, I'd question whether additional banks at either airport are forthcoming. Of course, you touched on IAD-Germany as a whole--my comments don't discount the possibility of Berlin or Dusseldorf (both served in the past), or additional Munich flights (which are possible).
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Re: A380 at Simairline

Post by stuttgart1482 » 02 Mar 2008, 08:58

FRA would be the only conceivable A380 destination from IAD
I absolutely agree on that but only at the moment. I have to admit I don't know enough about capacity and runway issues at IAD. So I can only look at it from a german perspective.

What makes me doubt that the A380 will fly from FRA to IAD on the long run is if I take a look at the future of the German airports and possible future connections:
- It is not sure in which way Frankfurt Airport will expand (even if it will expand at all).
- Munich for example definitely will expand. It will definitely get a 3rd runway and 2 more terminals could be added with that.
- Because of the expansion and capacity problems at FRA LH is decentralizing it's network.
- Airports like Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and even Stuttgart will get more international nonstop connections and will play a bigger role in LH's long-haul network.
- The new Berlin Airport BBI which will be opened in late 2011 / early 2012 will become Germany's 3'rd largest airport after FRA and MUC. It will become LH's 3'rd hub. BBI will bring much Relief for FRA's capacity because of new the long-haul connections LH will create there. I'm sure we'll see LH and UA go nonstop from IAD to BBI because it might be very attractive for UA and LH to connect these 2 capitals.

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