December 2007 - Cape flying (by Ali Abou-Zeid) - p5

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December 2007 - Cape flying (by Ali Abou-Zeid) - p5

Post by Pierre Mare » 21 Dec 2007, 16:18

I really enjoyed Ali's rendition of his walk to, or should I rather say, fly to PPL (Private Pilot License). Also off course the article he wrote in September 2007. :D

I gives us Sim pilots a nice idea of what it's really like to get there and the work and study involved.

Also is it cool for me, because Ali comes all the way from Egypt to fly in South Africa, my home country. 8) Its cool to know that we have some attraction to the outsiders in the aviation field of things.

And it is really great that he has built such a good relationship with his instructor, Dale, that they went to fly as friends together and not as student and teacher.

I'd like to make use of this oppurtunity to congratulate Ali on achieving his PPL. Keep going Ali, well done. Thanks for two great articles and please post some more when you've continued on the road to the CPL.

Fly on!
Keep flyin', be free :P


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