Traffic Swarms

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Re: Traffic Swarms

Post by flypaul » 24 Dec 2009, 17:24

sanins192 wrote:Have you tried AI Separator? I've heard that it is pretty good for reducing go-arounds at busy airports. However, it slews AI aircraft so they are equal distances away from one another, so this may not be right for you if you like things to be realistic.

Currently I've been playing around with some of the settings in AI Smooth to get that sweet spot where there are a minimum number of go arounds but the traffic is light enough so that I can slot in. Have you tried FS9 Configurator to speed up taxiing aircraft? That will vacate the runways quicker and reduce the number of go-arounds.

Also, adjusting the slider won't make a difference to the amount of AI if you use addons (WOAI etc.).
Hi, its not just a problem at airports ie go rounds etc! its just all over the sky! when i look at my AI Radar addon at 40nm aircraft just seem to come from nowhere in massive swarms all together some flying in formation etc?
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Re: Traffic Swarms

Post by sanins192 » 24 Dec 2009, 18:41

Hmm.. How much AI do you have in your sim? I think this may be something you have to learn to live with. You could do the old trick of bumping the sim rate up to 8x momentarily to get rid of all the AI, although this is not a long term solution. I think you will have to read into the settings in AI Smooth, as a lot of them can be fine tweaked to change how far out AI spawn and how close they have to be when landing.

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