A Lifetime of Statistics!

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A Lifetime of Statistics!

Post by Northwestdc9 » 09 Mar 2010, 04:20

With our time running short, I decided to compile my life-time flying statistics, it was one hell of a battle in Excel but I think they turned out pretty cool.
I want to see everyone's statistics up over the next few weeks! They don't have to be as detailed as mine, but anything you have, feel free to post!

Flights: 1,382
Hours: 5,668.5
Miles Flown: 2,955,582
Most Flown:
Aircraft Family: Airbus A320 with 165 flights
Manufacturer: Boeing with 548 flights
Regional Aircraft: Canadair Regional Jet at 114 flights
Specific Type: Boeing 747-400 with 101 flights, the CRJ-200 a close runner up with 93
Route: Amsterdam-Minneapolis/St. Paul at 5 times
Airline: Northwest Airlines with 359/1400, just over 25% of total
Flight: Northwest Flight 55, Amsterdam-Minneapolis in the Airbus A330-300, the same flight, 4 times
Airport: Minneapolis/St. Paul with 180 flights
Runway: Newark's 22L at 52 arrivals, shortly followed by Newark's 22R with 50 departures and Minneapolis/St. Paul's 30R with 48 total operations.

If you want to see these on a graph....
Airports: http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Hosting/airports.jpg
Airlines: http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Hosting/airlines.jpg
Aircraft: http://and1.dnsalias.com:666/Hosting/aircraft.jpg

Your turn!!
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Re: A Lifetime of Statistics!

Post by Dennis » 09 Mar 2010, 13:42

Uhhhh...want to compile my logbook and see how my statistics come out? :laugh:
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Re: A Lifetime of Statistics!

Post by sanins192 » 09 Mar 2010, 18:15

Nice! It's interesting to take note of all the runways you used also. I will have to sort out my excel logbook and update my GCM map to work out my own stats.

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Re: A Lifetime of Statistics!

Post by DMM200 » 09 Mar 2010, 22:20

Wow! Mine are sooo...actually they stink compared to yours. :rolling:

Well done indeed Nick, hard work (and it's not over yet) has payed off.
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