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To All Aircraft Painters

Post by Pandor » 28 Feb 2010, 14:05


I'm turning 18 on the 15th April 2010. As a gift, would anyone be able to paint an Overland Boeing 777-300ER or Boeing 747-400 in 'Pandor Airlines' livery? I would really like my own airline in fantastic colours. The choice is yours of how you do it, as long as it's called Pandor Airlines, although I would appreciate a better name for my airline.. I can't think of one!

Aircraft I'm interested in (Overland Models):
B77L, B77W, B744, A345, A380

A350-900R, B787-9, B747-8I

If there are a few of you interested, maybe we could have a competition! Please note that they must be compatible with the Overland models. As an idea, I love te British Airways, Singapore Airines, Emirates and Virgin Atlantic liveries.

Thanks in advance!

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