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IFR Tutorial

Post by Garyck » 10 Jul 2009, 19:30


I've decided to follow the "How to Fly IFR with VATSIM" from the download section before I go live with VATSIM over the next few days. I seem to have run into a problem, The tutorial is for FS2004, but i'm on FSX.

I got over a few little things like loading up a 737-800 instead of a 400. FSX wouldn't find gate C5, so I loaded up another gate. The main problem is setting up the flight KEWR-KBOS. The waypoints in the tutorial are different to whats showing on highlevel airways in FSX, Also FSX doesn't allow me to edit the flightplan, only delete waypoints.

Am I doing anything wrong? If there are any other FSX users, can you try it and see what you get.


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Re: IFR Tutorial

Post by RatherBFlyin » 11 Jul 2009, 00:35

FSX works much the same way as FS9 does as far as flight planning is concerned. You drag the red course line to the waypoint you want to use (and select the appropriate waypoint from the list if one pops up). If there is a waypoint you don't want, or you selected the wrong one, just delete it. One thing that is actually better in FSX than it is in FS9 is that FSX allows you to put in your own waypoints if the one you want is not in the nav database. You just drag the course line to the approximate position of the waypoint you want, select the new waypoint and choose Edit, then you can name it and put in the exact lat and long coordinates for the waypoint (for US waypoints you can get the coordinates from www.airnav.com).

If you need any help with this specific route, please feel free to ask. I don't have time to pull it up and plot it right now, but I should be able to do so later if necessary.

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Re: IFR Tutorial

Post by Aaron Robinson » 14 Jul 2009, 02:57


Could you provide further information? What specific differences are there in FS2004 vs. FSX? I'd like to be able to have proper references for other FSX pilots. Thank you.
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