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Post by JonathanDaoust » 12 Aug 2009, 04:02

Hey guys,
A couple days ago, I flew to our destination of the week, Manchester, NH. I used the POSKY ERJ-145 extended range. The route included an approximate 90 degree turn. As you can see in the profile (http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=3993988), the plane descended a little during the turn, then started to climb after the turn was completed. I was originally leveled at FL250, when the plane reached FL260, I disengaged the autopilot and tried to restart it again. The planed continued to climb. I disengaged the autopilot, manually brought the plane back to FL250, reengaged the autopilot and noticed the plane could not maintain altitude. By then, it was time to descend, so I manually descended, made two full 360 degree turns before approach to try and make the autopilot work, and finally made the approach manually.

Any ideas? lol

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Re: POSKY E145

Post by RatherBFlyin » 12 Aug 2009, 14:00

Interesting. I can't think of what could have gone wrong there, but what I would suggest checking if you find that your aircraft keeps climbing is to make sure you have not inadvertently bumped the rate of climb up above 0. In some aircraft, that is enough to start it climbing even when it is above the set altitude.

I have had an autopilot start acting up in RL, and I can tell you that it is often better to turn it off and hand fly then try to figure it out. If your aircraft has a problem, but it is still flying and there is time to work on the problem, that is all well and good. However, don't fixate on the problem. This happened to a DC-8 crew in 1978. A perfectly good aircraft (though the crew did not know that) crashed near the airport after running out of fuel while the crew tried to correct what they believed to be a problem with the landing gear.

The way you handled your situation was very well done.

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