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Message Boards Guidelines

Post by Aaron Robinson » 22 Feb 2008, 05:47

This document is intended to provide a single-source list of rules and posting guidelines for the Message Boards. Because not every such list can be comprehensive or foresee every instance in which it may need to be applied, this document will evolve over time, with changes announced publicly. Our thanks go to for their fine rules/guidelines for their forums, upon which ours is based.

All members of the Message Boards must have agreed to the terms and conditions of membership as part of the registration process. One need not be an active member of in order to post. New members to may post in certain Support forums (Getting Started, Flight Simulator/Computer, Aircraft, Panels) without registering.

General Posting Guidelines’s Moderating Team cannot review every post, and is not responsible for the content of those messages. If you believe a post violates a rule or is otherwise disruptive, please click the “Report this post” link (an exclamation mark) in the lower right of the post. Alternately, you may send a private message to any of the moderators.

Please respect each other and choose your words wisely. Everyone has their own unique perspective, and their views must be respected. If you wish to criticize another user or what they have posted, please word it in a constructive manner. Criticism with no basis or intent other than to flame or insult someone is unproductive and will not be tolerated.

Do not post about how you find a topic or user irrelevant, boring, childish, or stupid. You were the one that chose to read the post in the first place. If a topic turns into a debate, then you may debate the subject but not the credibility or intellect of your fellow members. Finally, if you feel someone is attacking you personally, do not retaliate. Instead, please report the post.

Do not post anything which is knowingly false, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, profane, graphic, sexually orientated, invasive of a person’s privacy, or in violation of the laws of where you reside. Posts condoning or encouraging software piracy of any kind are not allowed.

Please respect the moderators. They are trying to make the Message Boards a more enjoyable place for everyone. Please do not try to make their job easier by acting on their behalf. Rather, let them know by reporting the post.

Sometimes moderators may opt to participate in controversial discussions themselves; if so, they are leaving their role as moderators and turning the responsibility of oversight over to their fellow moderators.

Copyrighted material from other media may not be posted. A summary or brief quotation and a link to the full version are, however, appropriate.

If any of your posts are deleted or otherwise edited to remove content by a moderator, you will receive a private message from them explaining the reason. Deleted duplicate posts or posts edited to clean up links will not necessarily receive a message.

Please post in the appropriate forum; there are descriptions for each forum. Sometimes the distinction isn’t always clear (e.g., Industry News). In such cases, the Section Rules will usually contain a clarification.

Please select your topic's subject line carefully, making it descriptive to the subject matter. Examples of poorly chosen subject lines include:
“Please help”
“I have a problem”
“British Airways”
“What is this?”
"This is funny"

Before posting please ask yourself, “does my post contribute positively to the discussion?” One-liner posts such as “Nice!” or “I agree” should be avoided.

Please check your spelling and grammar before posting. Also, please avoid writing in ALL CAPS. Poorly written posts are frowned upon and make things less enjoyable for everyone.

When quoting others, try to avoid quoting a lengthy text. Instead, shorten the quote as appropriate.

Swear words are occasionally acceptable, depending on the context. Gratuitous and repeated use is not permitted.

Please try to avoid sending topics off subject. If a topic strays too far, it may either be locked or split.

Political discussion is acceptable when it pertains directly to the topic at hand. In all other cases, political discussion should remain within the Non-Aviation Discussion forum. In any political discussion, the moderating team will enforce the above guidelines even stricter than in other topics.

You may only register one username; however, you can ask Aaron Robinson to have it changed. Guidelines
Links to or advertising of virtual airlines are strictly forbidden.

Signature banners may not exceed 600 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height, must be a reasonable file size, and cannot feature airlines. The first part is to ensure that users with low screen resolutions do not have screens that are too wide, and that banners are not significantly taller than short posts. Users may have a reasonable amount of text included in their signature in addition to a banner image.

Avatars may not exceed 80 pixels in width and 80 pixels in height, must be a reasonable size, and cannot feature airlines.

Please do not post regarding incorrect content on the website. Please direct any such comments to

Please do not post asking about your individual pilot account or PIREPs. Please direct any such inquiries to

Users must post within one month of registration or their account will be deleted. All users with zero posts are deleted after one month in order to prevent spammers from cluttering up the member list.

In Support sections, please take the time to search to see if your question has been answered before.

Additional forum-specific rules are in place for specific sections (Industry News, Screenshots, Suggestions, Getting Started, Administrative, Flight Simulator/Computer, Aircraft, Panels, Scenery). You should review these rules before starting new topics in those sections.

The following are possible avenues that the moderating team and the administrators may opt to use to approach a member who has been disruptive or troublesome:
-The moderators may issue a private warning to the member, explaining the problem and their recommendations.
-The administrators may ask the member to voluntarily take a few days off from the Boards.
-The administrators may suspend the member's account for a few days.
-The administrators may suspend the member's account for an extended period.
-The administrators may ask the member to leave the Message Boards community.

Because no two instances are alike, the administrators reserve the right to exercise their judgment in deciding how best to resolve a problem. Except in exceptional cases, a member’s behavior on the Boards does not affect their standing as a pilot at

Questions or comments should be directed to Aaron Robinson or posted in the Administrative section.
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