McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30
Length: 119.3 ft.
Wingspan: 93.3 ft.
Height: 27.5 ft.
Cruising Speed: M 0.76-0.80
Range: 1380 st. mi.
Passengers: C50/Y55
Engines: PW JT8D-7B
Dates of Service: November 1966-April 1989
Description Author Comments
DC-9-30 (1964-1973 livery) FFX-SGA/Henry William FS2004/FSX-compatible
DC-9-50 (1973-2002 livery) FFX-SGA/Daniel Halpern FS2004/FSX-compatible
Panel (low detail) Chris Jeanne FS2004-compatible
Panel (high detail) Stellan Hilmerby FS2004-compatible
Sounds Christoffer Petersen FS2004/FSX-compatible
Registration Name
PH-DNG City of Rotterdam
PH-DNH City of Zurich
PH-DNI City of Istanbul
PH-DNK City of Copenhagen
PH-DNL City of London
PH-DNM City of Madrid
PH-DNN City of Vienna
PH-DNO City of Oslo
PH-DNP City of Athens
PH-DNR City of Stockholm
PH-DNS City of Arnhem
PH-DNT City of Lisbon
PH-DNV City of Warsaw
PH-DNW City of Moscow
PH-DNY City of Paris
PH-DNZ City of Rome
PH-DOA City of Utrecht
PH-DOB City of Santa Monica
PH-MAX Europa
© Gerhard Plomitzer
© Richard Vandervord