What makes special and unique?
the freedom to fly for each virtual airline just by registering once
a worldwide route network of over 1100 destinations
no hours restrictions on aircraft types
no knowledge test or checkride to begin flying
flying with online ATC not required
individual logbooks
retired aircraft and discontinued routes no longer flown in real life
fully accurate schedules for airlines no longer flying
a web journal detailing our journey, Viewpoint
discounts on flightsim add-ons
route maps showing our virtual airlines' networks
terminal maps for our major destinations
select additional airlines through our partner VAs

Pilots must read the Pilot Manual before joining. The application form is accessible via the Pilot Manual.
If you have not flown for a virtual airline before, please read Flying for a Virtual Airline.
We also recommend reading our FAQ.

If you do not understand any part of the Pilot Manual, please contact us and ask a specific question.
Alternately, you may ask in the Getting Started section of our Message Boards.

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