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-FS2004 Freeware Scenery List
-Bangalore Bengaluru International Airport: not in FS2004/FSX (FS2004 File 1, File 2; FSX File 1, File 2).
-Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: not in FS2004, by SiamAvsim.
-Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport: not in FS2004/FSX.
-Osaka Kobe Airport: not in FS2004.
-London Heathrow Terminal 5 (FS2004 File 1, File 2; FSX):  not in FS2004/FSX.
-Muan International Airport: not in FS2004/FSX (FS2004, FSX).
-Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport: not in FS2004.
-Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport: not in FS2004/FSX.


Airport Chart Viewer 5.0, Service Pack: A program that generates and displays essential maps for any airport. 
AOL Instant Messenger: The most popular messaging software in the world, and the standard for management.
Destinations Checklist: The full list of's 1200+ destinations (update instructions).
EasySatPix Europe: Weather program that displays radar maps and satellite pictures of weather in Europe, Africa, and Asia.
EditVoicePak: Modifies your ATC sound files and adds missing callsigns, while also increasing the speed of ATC communications.
FSBuild: One of the best flight planners out there.
FSCopilot: A suite of useful add-ons to enhance the flight simulator experience.
FSMetar: Program for downloading worldwide weather information.
FS Real Time 1.88.1: A program to ensure correct time zones worldwide (instructions).
FSUIPC (FS2004, FSX): Required for use of SquawkBox and several other add-ons.
Handy Sheet: A sheet of useful information that every pilot should know.
Iwillbeback: A nice tool that pauses your simulator when your aircraft reaches a certain point in its flight plan.
Screenshot Manager: Takes and saves screenshots automatically.
ServInfo 2.02, Update: Provides integrated information for use on any ATC network.
Squawkbox: The required client software for flying online with VATSIM.
Super Flight Planner 4.0.5: A superior and free flight planner.
TeamSpeak 2.0: The main voice client for flying on IVAO.

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